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Znamenskoye Rayok & mdash; Finca in the Tver region (Maryinsky rural settlement, Torzhok district), built in the second half of the XVIII century, the general-in-chief FI Glebov.

The architectural ensemble of the estate includes a main house and a circular colonnade that connects it with the side wings and stood in front of the front gate. Most of the pavilions and gazebos Manor Park lost.

The estate is located next to the Church of the Sign of the Mother of God in 1766, built by his father FI Glebova also general-in-chief Ivan Glebov. Before the 1917 revolution in the church were generic icons Glebovs: Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra and the Mother of God of the Sign, as well as several icons Borovikovsky hand.


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