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6 minutes walk from the hotel

The bridge was built by the Czech engineer LI Masek in 1897-1900 years. It is noteworthy that Starovoolzhsky bridge is now popularly called the Old and Novovolzhsky - new, despite the fact that it Starovolzhsky bridge after its opening was called "new" - and "old" was called a pontoon bridge, which was located downstream of the Volga.

The circuit Starovolzhskogo bridge resembles the outline of chain suspension bridges, light and elegant. Earlier on the bridge adorned with beautifully executed, art casting lights, which are subsequently decorated the Theater Square of the city.

During the occupation of the bridge was blown up by the Nazis - but it was restored just a few months after release. In 1982-1985 gg. It has been a lot of work on the reconstruction of the bridge, but the external shape structures preserved in its present form. Car traffic on the bridge is designed for 2 lanes.

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