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2 minute walk from the hotel

Tver City Garden & ndash; it is the main city park, which is located in the city center, right on the picturesque banks of the River Volga. Planting trees in this place began in the late XVIII century. At that time, it completed the construction of the track of the palace, around which began to plant a garden. The main decoration of the Green Zone has become a lime avenue, flanked on all sides by flower beds.

In pre-revolutionary years here liked to rest as the noisy companies and families with children. Leisure activities was equipped with a tennis court. All tracks were laid cobblestone alleys along established a large number of benches. In 1904 the park was installed first fountain, which donated funds to the merchant Ivan Vaganov.

Nowadays, on the territory of City Garden is a children's amusement park, a pop scene and several cafes. There are often a variety of city festivals and events.

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