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9 minutes walking distance from the hotel

Lenin Square, perhaps, have in any city. That there is such Tver area, although it was known earlier octagonal square, fountains, monumental, it has an area of ​​government offices, judicial and even an area of ​​Truth. It acquired its present name in 1935. It is situated at the intersection of Sovetskaya Street, which is aimed at the south-east to north-west and serves as the main axis of the city, and Trehsvyatskoy street pedestrian street (to the south-west to north-east).

In the area of ​​a regular octagon shape with sides of about 50 meters; long length of approximately 140 square meters and the total area of ​​the whole territory of the & mdash; 11940 square meters; four buildings that are located at the edges of the square form eight corners. Shaped area of ​​the project, PR Nikitin in the 1760s. On Lenin Square ensemble of historic buildings belong to the cultural heritage of the federal facilities.

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