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2 minutes walk from the hotel

Sovetskaya street in the city of Tver is located in the city center. This is the main street of the city. Previously, it was called Catherine and millions. Street runs parallel to the Volga River, which divides the city into two parts. Streets are lined with buildings of historical and artistic value.

It Catherine II took the biggest part in the building of Tver in the XVIII century. She signed a master plan for construction in the city, which used elements of beam arrangement of streets, characteristic of St. Petersburg, Versailles and Rome. And one of the first streets and was built Sovetskaya.

houses on the street are close to each other in a strict order. It was one of the first requirements of Catherine. One theory why the street was called Million, is that the queen herself has allocated from the treasury million for the construction of the street. Although the name of the millionth street got after Catherine's death under Emperor Paul. And in 1919 it was renamed to the Soviet. The length of the 2.2 kilometer street.

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