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2 minutes walk from the hotel

Tver Regional Academic Drama Theatre was founded in 1745 in the Tver theological seminary. It is housed in the building of the Tver Russian diocesan school at Fedorovsky monastery on an island in the mouth of Tmaka almost thirty years was there. Then the theater moved into the building of the national assembly, and then in the complex Gostiny Dvor, which gave performances together graduates of the Moscow School, formed a new troupe.

At the end of XIX beginning of XX century in Tver has several theater companies, but in the end, during the reorganization of 1920-1926 years, they were attached to the theater. The beginning of the war theater was evacuated to the city after the liberation of the Soviet and the main building of the city was destroyed.

The modern building of Regional Academic Drama Theater was built in 1951. It was equipped with a new auditorium with 800 seats. Today, the theater set up a branch of Moscow Art Theatre School, as well as a museum. It stores hundreds of photos, playbills and programmok different times. There are even the earliest watercolors and oil sketches to performances, some models of scenery and theatrical costumes.

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