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12 minutes on foot from the hotel

The Soviet area & ndash; the main square is the central area of ​​the city of Tver. It is the focal point of urban planning of the XVIII century. By government decree, issued in 1773, Tver was built on the architectural plan, led by Moscow architect PR Nikitin.

The main axis of Plan & ndash; the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which & laquo; threaded & raquo; Five areas. The peak of the composition has a modern Soviet area, from which a fan disperse street. Form Square - semicircular, hence the name, which she received in the XVIII century - semicircular. Earlier, I called the Postal, located here on the post home.

At the center of the square is the Arc de Triomphe, which emphasized the solemnity of the main entrance to the city. But at the beginning of the XIX century on the orders of Paul I, the arch was dismantled. Architecture Landmarks Soviet area Tver & ndash; A former Provincial of the earth council, Drinking House. Post home theater & laquo; Vulcan & raquo; - Decorated in the typical style of the transition from baroque to classicism.

The bronze monument to Mikhail Yaroslavich Tversky, established in May 2008, is a true decoration of the square. Grand Prince of Tver & ndash; the heavenly protector of the city.

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