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18 minutes on foot from the hotel

The building of the River station in 1938, built in the style of Stalin's neoclassicism, is the main attraction of modern Tver. Before a monastery Otroch, which now resembles the Assumption Cathedral miraculously survived.

At the center of the building there is a two-story rotunda, surrounded by columns and topped with a belvedere, on which stands the steeple. Previously housed in the Belvedere Restaurant, the steeple was a beacon. On the ground floor of the rotunda was a large hall, the second floor was occupied by waiting rooms and lounges. The side wings were reserved for office space. The station can simultaneously accept up to 550 people.

Since 1997, the building of the Tver River Station received the status of a monument of architecture, as intended, it is not used for a long time.

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