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7 minutes walk from the hotel

The Cathedral Church of the Ascension in Tver, a member of the Bishops' farmstead, located in the heart of the city. This is one of the most famous temples of the Tver region, now it is Our Lady of Tikhvin icon and "Fat Mountain." The original icons were lost, it novopisannye icons, but no less respected parishioners.

The church was built in 1749-1760 years in the stone. And earlier this place was a wooden church of the Assumption, which in 1747 was burned by fire. In the XVIII century, two of the Tver merchant - IF Tatarintcev and FN Beavers have allocated funds for the redevelopment of the church. It was rebuilt by the architect IF Lviv. The style of architecture of the temple - late classicism.

Like many churches, the church was closed after the revolution in the thirties and has been used as a warehouse. Then the temple given to the museum, and in the seventies he made from the exhibition hall. 1993 - the year of the return of the temple Orthodox Diocese. Now the temple acts.

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