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6 minutes walk from the hotel

ends the reconstruction

Imperial Travelling Palace in Tver was built back in the 1763-1777 year, its construction was attended by such famous architects as MF Kazakov and PR Nikitin.

The palace is in the Baroque style and was originally intended for the rest of the royal family and entourage on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow (hence the name).

Built on the site of the palace burned down in 1763 the bishop's house, on the territory of the Tver Kremlin.

Road Palace - is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Russia. Disposition of the palace is the "rest": a central body, where there is a two-tone front hall; east and west wing; Two cruciform in the pavilion - the Church of Catherine the Great and iconostasis VL Borovikovsky. Before our time, unfortunately, not been preserved two-story service wing, consisting of one-storey wings and a central part, and the magnificent stables and coach house.

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