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6 minutes walk from the hotel

The restaurant La Rotonda (La Rotonda) "landmark" in the name of cultural and entertainment complex & laquo; & raquo ;, star located in the historic center of Tver, on the Volga River. The small 2-level cozy restaurant is located in the upper part of the western theater of the round tower with a separate entrance. The name comes from the La Rotonda architectural element rotunda, which & laquo; crowned & raquo; Each of the 2 towers of the building, which is a cultural monument of regional significance. The interior is designed in a classic bright and elegant design with luxurious crystal chandeliers, murals on the Italian theme, handmade artistic decoration of the walls and vaulted ceiling. Guest hall restored after reconstruction in a historic and impressive architecture. The large windows of the restaurant offers a spectacular and unique view of the Volga River, bridges and urban gardens. All this and aromas of Italian cuisine makes you forget about the hectic life and enjoy the tranquility and comfort, and light music will take you to different corners, welcoming Italy. Italy - the country of the Renaissance, the great art and high ideals. And the Italian cuisine is considered one of the finest in the world, and we just italian fine cuisine.
And, of course, Italian cuisine is not without a glass of wine. Our selection of wines is able to satisfy all tastes, as well as find your favorite among the wines & laquo; Old and New Worlds & raquo; white, pink, red, dry, sweet, sparkling. The collection includes more than 140 wines of different price categories, wine regions, grape varieties and will only improve, in search of new and harmonious flavors. Bar list allows you to enjoy your favorite cocktails and drinks, as well as opens up a world of lesser-known producers of alcohol.

Features: Panoramic views of the river Volga, the city garden, city bridges.
Interior Designer Address: Stepan Razin, 1, West Tower Star Cinema, separate entrance - view on map